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User-friendly, modern software to manage your dealership

Built with input from over 50 independent dealers who are unhappy with their current DMS


Manage your expenses in two hours, not two days per month

Know where your cars are at all times

Keep your employees accountable

Use LeftLane to take a picture of your receipt from your phone and to add the expense to a car. Ditch your expense bin

Manage your recon more effectively, without adding to your payroll. Know how long your cars have been out. Get notified if something is taking too long

Prioritize your employees' time with our task management system. Stay updated on their progress and measure their productivity vs others

More than a DMS

LeftLane helps you improve your time to get a car ready for sale. Know where your cars are and how long they have been there. Create checklists to keep track of everything that needs to be done.

No need to pay double for a DMS and a recon tool

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LeftLane mobile expense form

Manage expenses while on the go

Take a picture of your receipt. Add it a vehicle or put it in the "digital bin".

Work through your digital bin whenever you have the time. No need to use a scanner, to store receipts in file cabinets, or to enter purchase numbers

Keep your employees accountable and productive

Assign them tasks and keep yourself up-to-date on their progress toward those tasks. Get peace of mind knowing that you do not have to follow up

LeftLane to do lists

Mobile and modern, but with tried and true solutions

We were built in 2022, but we use tried and true solutions like JD Power ChromeData Vin Decoding, NADA book value, and Carleton Interest calculations

NIADA and TIADA members


Thank you for your interest in LeftLane. You can also reach us at 650-228-4448 or
We are headquartered in Austin, TX

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