Reduce your Time to Line. Increase your Lead Conversion.
Keep your employees productive and accountable by assigning them tasks. No longer worry about who is doing what.

Improve your employee productivity
Simplify and manage your employees' tasks

A DMS should be a management tool. Management is in the name afterall. Current ones are not. Do you know what all your employees are working on? Where all your cars are? Why is that car taking so long to finish recon? Who is responsible for it right now? Why has the salesperson not followed up on that lead?

Leftlane improves your dealership's efficiency through a pipeline/stage and task management system. A pipeline is the end to end process. From purchasing a vehicle to getting it front-line ready. A stage is something that needs to get done in the pipeline. Like recon. Assign each vehicle within a stage to employee. Track how long it takes them. Get notified if it is taking too long. Worry less. Turn more.


Keep track of what is happening at your dealership
See the status of any car, lead, or deal

Use our pipeline system to see the stage of any car, lead, or deal. Keep track of where each car is and who handles moving it to the next stage. Reassign a lead if you know a salesperson will be out. Follow up with your bank if you have not yet been funded. Do this all from one inventory screen, one leads screen, one deals screen.


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