We built LeftLane to let you spend more time doing what you do best.

We started LeftLane Software because of the frustration we heard from dealers. Your existing DMS was too slow, too clunky. It looks like Windows 7. Most of your employees do not use it because it is too hard to train them on. You spend too much time in the system because it is too complicated.

You got creative and kept track of your inventory on whiteboards or spreadsheets, and maybe even Trello. But sometimes things slip and you may not know where all of your cars are.

Your dealership adapted and evolved over time. Your software didn’t. You are still doing too much manual entry. You can’t access the system from mobile. You still have to use an expense bin and scanners. Because your software has failed you.

You have probably tried to get your DMS support on the phone. You may have been on hold for an hour. Only to get connected to support located out of the US. You have suggested improvements, but not seen any over 10 years. Large enterprise systems exist, but they may not make sense for a small business.

And yet, there are still some great parts of your DMS. VIN Decoding. Book value calculations. Desking and auto-populating forms. The usefulness is still there. But buried under a mess of complexity and unnecessary features.

DMS should not be a bad word. It should be something that delights you and saves you time. It should be simple. User-friendly. Accessible anywhere. Reliable. It should require no less than 15 minutes of training. Your dealership combines tried and true practices with modern ones. Your DMS should too.

We built LeftLane to let you spend more time doing what you do best.